Avotek Textbooks Free Through RedShelf and VitalSource

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have been forced to move to online teaching indefinitely. This has led to obstacles for students and instructors. Avotek sats their goal is “to help every student and instructor succeed inside and outside of the classroom.”

To that end, Avotek announced all of their textbooks will be free through RedShelf and VitalSource until at least May 25th. Users can access up to seven free books through those providers. Click on either of the links provided below, follow the instructions, and enjoy your free Avotek textbooks.

VitalSource: https://get.vitalsource.com/vitalsource-helps?hsCtaTracking=58829aa1-bf95-46b2-ae31-c9a155729e77%7C396b3e1d-a8cb-43d2-8d27-3eec6ae3a281

RedShelf: https://www.about.redshelf.com/redshelfresponds

“We refuse to let COVID-19 stand in the way of your education,” the company says. “Be safe, social distance, wash your hands, and keep learning!”


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