Bally Ribbon Mills Provides Fully Berry-Compliant Polyester Webbing for Seat Belts, Retractors and Tie-Down Applications

Offering low minimum runs and customized designs to meet performance properties,
Bally Ribbon Mills, a manufacturer of specialized engineered woven fabrics, announced it has expanded capabilities for producing polyester webbing that is fully compliant with the Berry Amendment. This standard requires the Department of Defense to give preference to domestically produced fabrics and clothing. Webbing is available in low minimum runs – as low as 1000 yards per color.

BRM polyester webbing is for use by DOD contractors manufacturing aircraft seat belts, retractors, restraining harnesses, tie-downs and other end use products. BRM’s Berry-compliant webbing is also a good choice for civilian agencies involved in a wide range of U. S. military procurement activities. BRM polyester webbing are in accordance with Mil/PIA-W-25361 and commercial A-A-55242A specifications as well as application specific requirements that have varied elongation specs. BRM can work with your engineering team to provide webbing that meets all requirements including elongation.

BRM customizes weave designs to modify performance properties, offering expert capabilities for custom options and configurations to optimize designs. BRM’s polyester webbing is available in special colors and superior color fastness is guaranteed. BRM laboratories provide color matching using advanced spectrophotometer instrumentation to validate color accuracy. Webbing is available in a wide range of widths, from 1-inch to 6-inch. Wider widths are available for specialty applications.

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