Baron Releases Customizable User-Defined Alerts for Baron Threat Net

Baron, a leading provider of critical weather solutions, announces it has released fully customizable User-Defined Alerts for the Baron Threat Net suite of products. Baron says users can now set location-based weather condition and forecast criteria to trigger text or email notification. Baron Threat Net is an active weather monitoring and forecasting tool for public safety featuring operations center, mobile, and web-based accessibility. The enhanced tool is ideal for municipal, school, or private outdoor facility administrators as well as weather-dependent business operators.

To set User-Defined Alerts, users simply select a weather parameter to monitor, choose the condition or forecast criteria to trigger an alert, and an alert will be sent when conditions are met. These alerts can be delivered via text and email, or on-screen to a desktop or tablet. Specific location-based alerts can be set for:

– Temperatures
– Wind Speed
– Relative Humidity
– Wind Chill
– Wet Bulb Globe
– Heat Index – Past 24 Hour Liquid Accumulations
– Forecast Air Quality Index
– Forecast Accumulated Precipitation
– Forecast Precipitation Rate
– Forecast Wet Bulb Globe

With User-Defined Alerts, university athletic departments can monitor wet bulb globe temperature for outdoor practice safety, stadiums and concert venues can monitor temperature to anticipate heat-related health concerns, amusement parks can monitor windspeed to close attractions in high winds, and construction and landscaping businesses can monitor forecast precipitation to determine when to send crews to sites.

Baron Threat Net provides detailed data and visual monitoring on precipitation, forecasted road conditions/hazards, and lightning strikes—plus Baron exclusive severe weather monitoring of damaging winds, hail, and flooding, the company says. Storm Tracks enable accurate storm tracking up to an hour in advance, and interactive visualization on high-resolution mapping down to street level lets users quickly scan, monitor, and investigate all weather threats on a single screen. Baron also offers a mobile companion application for iOS and Android which allows access to real-time weather monitoring on the go.

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