Bird Strikes More Common Than Thought, Cause a Billion in Damages

A report in USA Today says bird strikes are more common than ever in spite of dramatic accidents like the US Airways “Miracle on the Hudson” event. “Civilian flights based in the USA reported 14,661 collisions with wildlife in 2018, a USA TODAY analysis of Federal Aviation Administration data shows. That’s more than 40 a day, tying the previous year’s record,” the article says. It also says these bird strikes cause about $1.2 billion – with a “b” in damages every year.

The report says an increase in flights, changing migratory patterns, and bigger, faster, quieter turbofan-powered aircraft, which give birds less time to get out of the way are all contributing to the bird strikes. Reporting bird strikes has increased likely to visibility of the Sullenberger/Hudson landing so reporting has gone up.

See the  report here.


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