BizJet Delivers BBJ with Split Scimitar Winglet Mod

Bizjet160BizJet International delivered a BBJ after installing the Aviation Partners’ Split Scimitar winglet modification. The mod was completed in just three and a half weeks according to the company.

“Our team delivered this product a week ahead of schedule,” said Roy Lischinsky,BizJet’s vice president of Operations. “BizJet was selected to perform this work package because of the customer’s confidence in our ability to accomplish the work faster than quoted.”

The Split Scimitar Winglet completely redefines the aerodynamics of the existing Blended Winglet, Bizjet says. The retrofit provides a drag reduction, and corresponding range increase, of two percent or more for long range BBJ operators. This was the sixth modification to be installed on a BBJ, and the first by BizJet.

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