BLR Names Alpine Air Express Their Official Launch Partner for the Beech 1900D Whisper Prop

BLR Aerospace named Alpine Air Express, based in Provo, Utah, as their global launch partner for the Beech 1900D Whisper Prop in November. Alpine Air Express has successfully accomplished their first two installations of the BLR Whisper Prop on their 19000D aircraft in the continued pursuit of providing a superior performance fleet for their rapidly growing cargo services.

Alpine Air Express CEO, Michael Dancy, states. “We have been highly pleased with the installation and benefits of our first two Whisper Prop systems in our fleet of 72 aircraft. Alpine Air Express is honored to partner with BLR as their global launch partner for the Beech 1900D. Thanks to the technology provided by BLR, we can continue to do what we do best; provide the most advanced, largest Beech 1900D fleet in the world to give our customers the ability to ship more for less with the confidence of a more reliable aircraft.”

“BLR is absolutely devoted to performance innovation and the development of superior quality performance systems. We are excited about our newfound partnership with Alpine Air Express and look forward to providing the technology to allow for the most comprehensive 1900D fleet in the world,” said Mike Carpenter, BLR Aerospace president. “We congratulate Alpine Air Express on successfully completing their first Whisper Prop installations. We know with Alpine Air Express’ extensive 1900D knowledge and experience they will continue to help their customers get the most out of their 1900D cargo excursions.”

Developed in partnership with MT-Propellers, BLR’s new FAA approved 1900 C/D five bladed Whisper Prop is the smallest diameter, quietest and the most advanced composite propeller on the market.  The Whisper Prop is a highly engineered natural composite core that is covered with carbon and fiberglass skins. The composite core reduces the vibration by more than 50% and decreases the overall wear and cost of operation. The Whisper Prop’s design allows for unlimited blade life and quick field repairable blades that dramatically reduces aircraft downtime when compared to the foam core composite blade that is standard on the aircraft. Each blade is finished with a nickel cobalt leading edge providing unsurpassed erosion and damage resistance. Guaranteed additional benefits include but are not limited to, reduced FOD occurrence, lower maintenance costs, no ground RPM limitations, no intermediate inspections, improved take-off performance, no costly ADs, and the quickest return to service propeller system available.

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