Boeing 777X Struggles in Test

Earlier this week a Boeing 777X test article did not pass a structural test being conducted while parked on the ground. During the test, the wings were flexed and bent “to a level far beyond anything expected in commercial service.” The issue occurred when the test was almost complete.

During the test, the flexed wing and fuselage buckled slightly allowing the fuselage to depressurize. Also, a door came off during the test. Boeing says it is now looking at those results to find the root cause. “This is not unusual for a static test,” Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO says.

The very large wings on the 777X are supposed to add lift and help save fuel. In spite of their size, Boeing says the aircraft will be able to fit into the same gates and use the same taxiways due to the ability to fold up after landing. Boeing has said the 777X also has new lighting, architecture, a wider cabin and larger windows situated higher up on the fuselage than the current model 777. Boeing says it currently has 344 777X models on order.

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