Boeing Nabs Order for Nine More MH-47G Block II Chinooks

Boeing recently received a “special” order from the U.S. Army: nine more MH-47G Block II Chinook helicopters for the U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command.

With the first Block II delivery set for later this year, Boeing says the Army will soon be able to carry heavier loads compared to the original – and already formidable – Chinook.

Boeing’s H-47 Chinook Block II is powered by nnew technologies to lift more throughout the envelope – especially in high, hot operating conditions – all of which enable soldiers to meet tomorrow’s heavy-lift mission requirements, Boeing says. Block II not only improves readiness for the U.S. Army and Special Operations warfighters says the company, it also limits future sustainment costs and ensures that the Chinook fleet will be available to serve for decades to come.

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