Boggi Aeronautics Receives Tecnam P92JS EASA STC for SmartBay Suite Developed with DigiSky

Boggi Aeronautics obtained the first EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for the SmartBay suite developed with DigiSky. The STC permits to install the SmartBay device on Tecnam P92JS aircraft.

SmartBay is a device that permits to board up to three different sensors simultaneously on the wing lower surface to perform complex aerial mapping missions.

SmartBay is equipped with its own mission computer that automatically manages all the remote sensing activities (Payload Control System) during the mission while providing the pilot with all the data to conduct the aircraft (Crew Operator Deck).

SmartBay makes airworthy a wide range of commercial sensors made by different manufacturers.

SmartBay has been developed to meet different conceptual and operational criteria: perform rapid sensors suite configuration on different flight platform, standardize and automate the sensors management during the mission, facilitate post-processing operation of the data collected, optimize the sensor maintenance (off-board) operations

SmartBay suite is a solution that will definitely cover the gap between drones operations and expensive helicopters operations in the field of:
– Precision farming
– Corridor mapping
– Environmental risk monitoring
– Remote emergency response
– Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance
– Law enforcement

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