Bombardier’s Thought-Provoking Safety Standdown 2020 Going Virtual, Shines Light on Elevating Safety Through Keen Focus, New Practices

Bombardier’s 24th annual Safety Standdown, a comprehensive safety conference, is set for October 21. This year’s event will be completely virtual.

The theme for the special, virtual event is, “Safety in Focus 20/20,” and it prompts aviation professionals and organizations to question how to turn their vision of a safer, more efficient organization into reality – turning theory into practice, Bombardier says.

“For more than 20 years, Bombardier has led the industry in providing aviation professionals with knowledge-based aviation training, and this year’s virtual event builds on this very important goal,” said Andy Nureddin, vice president, Customer Support, Bombardier Aviation. “While we have changed the format this year to ensure attendees remain safe and secure, the goal of Standdown remains – to foster a community of aviation professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and to disseminating higher standards of safety and professionalism throughout the industry. I am confident our new format will continue to underscore this essential premise.”

The new virtual format brings together some of the most prominent Safety Standdown presenters from the past – including Dr. Tony Kern, Dr. Amy Grubb, and Dr. Antonio Cortés along with our new addition Dr. Steven J. Stein – to discuss the broader, more abstract concepts of safety that may lack the 20/20 focus to permit maintenance technicians, pilots, dispatchers, safety program managers, or accountable executives to design and implement safety improvements.

Leading up to this virtual event, the Safety Standdown team has organized a series of bi-weekly talks highlighting essential safety topics. For more information on the industry’s most prominent safety conference and to watch previous and live “Safety Talks,” visit the seminar section of Bombardier’s Safety Standdown website here.

About Safety Standdown
Originally conceived in 1996 as a human factors safety-training event for the Learjet flight demonstration team, the conference quickly garnered a reputation for excellence beyond Bombardier’s customer base. In 1999, in response to growing interest within the industry, Bombardier opened the seminar to all pilots. In 2010, Safety Standdown expanded beyond the seminars into a year-round global human factors program offering online resources. Since 1996, more than 10,000 corporate, commercial and military aviation professionals have attended Safety Standdown seminars worldwide, live and through the webcast, including in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA. Admission to Safety Standdown has, throughout the years, remained free to all aviation professionals as safety is a top commitment to the flying public.

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