Carpenter Avionics Announces Company Name Change to Forge Flightworks to Underscore Expanded Mission Ahead

Carpenter Avionics announced recently that the company name has been changed. The company now is known as Forge Flightworks to better reflect the company’s expanded mission to offer a broader array of installation, repair, interiors and related services for general aviation aircraft.

“When Mr. Carpenter began this company in 1981, he had a mission that was focused on providing truly exemplary avionics installation, repair and maintenance,” said Mark Lee, CEO at Forge Flightworks. “Carpenter Avionics earned national recognition by Professional Pilots Magazine readers as one of the top 10 avionics shops in the country year over year for 20 years when that annual poll was conducted. That remains a remarkable achievement. Since my acquisition of the company in 2014, we have continued on that mission focused on avionics applying Carpenter’s sterling reputation and proven practices with new innovation to better serve our customers.”

“We honor and hold in reverence the accomplishments of our team members dating back to the founding of the company 40 years ago,” Lee said. “Moreover, we are profoundly grateful to our customers and partners who have enabled this company to exist over these decades with our original company name. We are proud of this company name and the trust and confidence it has engendered. So with all of that, why change now? This name change is not about turning away from our legacy – it is about embracing and taking ardent strides toward our future. This is a positive inflection point.”

“The marketplace for general aviation services has changed over the past 40 years with many aircraft operators seeking a one-stop solution for their avionics, interior, airframe and other services,” Lee continued. “We have begun to offer additional services beyond avionics, as noted in our aircraft interiors announcement in June 2021. Our rebranding of the company now is intended to better position our organization to offer a broader spectrum of services to better meet the needs of our customers.”

The new company name supports the brand personality, vision, core values and this expanded mission. The logo design is intended to be familiar with that of Carpenter Avionics while also signaling change.

For clarity, there is no ownership change related to this news. The company continues to operate from its facilities at the Smyrna Rutherford County Airport.

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