The Art and Science of Aircraft Modification: Elevating Passenger Experience

By John Cornell and Allen Gipson, Jamco America, Inc.

In an era where consumer expectations are sky-high, the aerospace industry faces the constant challenge of revitalizing older aircraft to meet modern standards. Imagine stepping onto a 20-year-old aircraft and being greeted by an environment that feels entirely contemporary, complete with state-of-the-art digital displays, plush seating, and a welcoming entryway. This transformative experience is made possible through the meticulous process of aircraft modification, where engineering ingenuity meets visionary design.

The Need for Innovation

Aircraft modifications extend far beyond the mere replacement of old interiors with new ones; they entail comprehensive enhancements that affect every aspect of the cabin. This process involves crafting an environment that not only aligns with an airline’s brand identity but also surpasses passenger expectations in terms of comfort and functionality. Such modifications can transform the passenger experience by introducing state-of-the-art amenities, ergonomic seating, and aesthetic improvements that together create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

One of the primary challenges in this area arises from the constraints of the production systems used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Typically designed for uniformity and mass production efficiency, these systems often lack the flexibility required for the custom innovations that airlines increasingly desire to differentiate their service. Here, companies like Jamco America, one of the most experienced turnkey aircraft interior integrators, play a critical role by providing the flexibility and specialized expertise that OEMs cannot. By collaborating closely with airlines, these modification experts can realize bespoke visions, transforming these ideas into certified and airworthy designs. This level of customization not only meets the specific needs and wants of airlines but also significantly enhances the overall value and appeal of the aircraft.

Collaborative Innovation in Design

A key aspect of successful aircraft modification is early collaboration between modification companies and airlines. By engaging at the ideation stage, both parties can explore and prototype innovative layouts and features that push conventional limits. For instance, Jamco America’s ability to partner with airlines from the conceptual phase allows for a co-creation process that ensures the final product is both feasible and aligned with the airline’s aspirations.

The surge in market demand, particularly post-COVID-19, underscores the urgency for upgrades. Airlines, recognizing the potential to revitalize their customer base, are investing in modifications that promise enhanced travel experiences. Upgrades such as state-of-the-art entrance areas that maintain brand continuity from lounge to aircraft are becoming increasingly popular.

Enhancing Functionality and Experience

In the competitive field of aircraft interiors, it’s not just about making visual upgrades. Functionality plays a critical role, with technological enhancements like better connectivity, larger and higher-resolution screens, and intuitive user interfaces becoming standard expectations.

Space optimization is another critical area. Innovative seating layouts and strategically placed partitions can increase capacity while preserving or enhancing comfort. Jamco America is at the forefront, developing solutions that efficiently use cabin space without detracting from the passenger experience. Increasing passenger count without diminishing the travel experience is now achievable through innovative aircraft interior solutions. Seating products are designed to maximize space efficiency, integrating seamlessly with other cabin elements such as lavatories and overhead bins, which are larger and rarely run out of space. Innovative dividers also play a dual role; they serve as partitions while providing additional space beneath for passengers’ feet or luggage. This intelligent design allows for more seats to be added without compromising the comfort or convenience of the passengers.

Sustainable and Efficient Design Solutions

Sustainability is becoming a cornerstone of modern aircraft design. Lighter, more environmentally friendly materials are being employed not only to reduce the aircraft’s weight and thus its fuel consumption but also to minimize the ecological footprint of manufacturing and operational processes.

Jamco is advancing aircraft interior technologies by actively exploring and implementing new, more sustainable materials aimed at reducing aircraft weight and enhancing efficiency. Among these innovations is HX5 from Alpine, a revolutionary nanocomposite that boasts the strength of aluminum at just half the weight. Originally crafted for the aerospace sector, HX5 marks a significant stride toward lighter aircraft. Additionally, Jamco’s R&D team is developing a new lightweight floor panel material. This novel material is designed to meet essential structural and safety standards while also reducing overall weight, supporting the aviation industry’s push toward sustainability and efficiency.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions

From concept to certification, Jamco America provides comprehensive solutions that streamline the modification process. With capabilities that include everything except the actual installation—handled by maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations—these companies deliver complete packages that significantly cut down on lead times and associated risks.

Integration and Collaboration

As the aerospace industry evolves towards interiors that rival the personalized, high-quality environments seen in the automotive industry, the role of specialized aircraft modification companies becomes increasingly vital. These companies not only understand the technical requirements but also appreciate the aesthetic and functional aspirations of airlines and their passengers. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and passenger satisfaction, the future of aircraft interiors looks promising, offering experiences that are both enjoyable and in tune with contemporary expectations. The collaboration between integrators and their airline partners is key to navigating this complex but exciting landscape.

Adopting a cohesive and integrated approach to designing aircraft interiors, including stowage systems, seating, galleys, and lavatories, ensures that all components work harmoniously both in function and design, creating a unified aesthetic. Moreover, partnering with an experienced integrator will not only facilitate this seamless integration but also ensure the smooth execution of installation or retrofit processes, staying within budget and schedule constraints. This comprehensive strategy is preferable to engaging multiple vendors for disparate components, as evidenced by dozens of major airlines opting for Jamco America’s turnkey aircraft interior integration services. Operating from their facility in Everett, WA, Jamco America provides an all-encompassing suite of services that includes engineering, technical publications, manufacturing, and testing capabilities, along with an on-site FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) certification department. Ultimately, this integrated approach significantly boosts the efficiency and functionality of aircraft interiors, streamlining the installation process while maintaining a consistent and appealing aesthetic throughout the cabin.

Grupo EULEN USA Appoints Industry Veteran Ramiro Álvarez as VP of Facility Services

Grupo EULEN USA, global leader in comprehensive services and outsourcing to companies, proudly announces the appointment of industry veteran Ramiro Álvarez as vice president of facility services for the United States. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the facility services industry, he brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for leadership to his new role.

As VP of facility services at Grupo EULEN USA, Álvarez collaborates closely with clients and organizations to identify highly effective solutions. Drawing from his extensive experience in staff mentoring, top-tier talent recruitment, and innovative problem-solving, Ramiro is uniquely positioned to lead our facility services division. His proven track record in contract negotiations, sales and marketing planning, and operational start-up implementation underscores his ability to drive organizational success.

Álvarez’s expertise extends beyond traditional facility management. Throughout his career, he has held key leadership roles, including regional director of operations at Harvard Maintenance, area vice president at The Budd Group, general manager at ISS Facility Services, and director of operations at CGS.

A leader and collaborator, the company says Álvarez is dedicated to “driving operational excellence and exceeding customer expectations. His commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established him as a trusted advisor and strategic partner in the industry.”

“I am honored to join Grupo EULEN USA and leverage my experience to elevate the company’s facility services offerings across the nation,” said Álvarez. “I look forward to collaborating with the team to continue delivering exceptional value to our clients and expanding our footprint nationwide.”

Álvarez will be located at the Miami offices.

StandardAero Awarded T56 Series IV Engine Authorized Maintenance Center License

Rolls-Royce has awarded StandardAero its prestigious Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC) license to repair and overhaul T56 Series IV engines.  The license includes the T56-A-427 and T56-A-427A, which power the Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye and Advanced Hawkeye, all-weather, carrier-capable tactical airborne early warning aircraft in service with the U.S. Navy. The T56-A-427/-427A delivers 5,250 shaft horsepower.   

StandardAero’s San Antonio MRO facility has been overhauling the T56 Series IV since their first induction in 2018, and has completed over 127 engines to date. This new AMC license allows StandardAero to provide repair support for these engines to any global customer.

StandardAero has complete capability today, including a correlated T56-A-427A engine test facility, to provide immediate T56 Series IV repair and overhaul.  

Rick Pataky, StandardAero San Antonio Military Vice President and General Manager commented, “We are proud to continue our support for the U.S. Navy and their critical mission. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing quality service, value, and mission readiness to all of our military customers, and being acutely responsive to our customer needs as they address urgent real-world events.”

Southern California Aviation Association and Web Manuals relaunch Safety Stand Down

The Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA) Safety Stand Down is set to return for 2024 in conjunction with Web Manuals’ annual internal user conference GO DIGITAL US at Hotel del Coronado, San Diego from April 16-18.

The joint Safety Day initiative, comprising SCAA Safety Stand Down and GO DIGITAL US will take place on April 16 and 17 respectively and will be the first time the SCAA Safety Stand Down has taken place since 2018. Web Manuals, the world leader in digital documentation for the aviation industry, will be the key partner and title sponsor for the event’s return.

This year’s theme is ‘Unlocking the Future of Safety Management Systems (SMS)’, with the agenda including discussion on cultivating safety leadership, monitoring safety performance, and enhancing health, wellbeing, and safety of crew members.

“Reviving SCAA’s Safety Stand Down is something the entire Web Manuals team feels passionately about. It’s been a privilege to be involved in planning this event and we’re keen to continue our work with the SCAA to support the next generation of aviation professionals,” said Krister Genmark, chief commercial officer at Web Manuals. “For years, our digital documentation software has enabled companies to ensure compliance with the latest regulations and disseminate crucial safety information across an organization within minutes. Now, we are going one step further to drive awareness and education throughout Southern California.”

As well as running Safety Stand Down, SCAA is dedicated to providing education, networking, mentoring, and scholarship programs for aspiring aviation professionals within the Southern California aviation community. Web Manuals supporting further SCAA events throughout the year.

Philip Kost, chair of the safety committee at SCAA, said: “This year’s Safety Stand Down is expected to be our most popular yet, following a six-year wait. Web Manuals’ support, not only financial but also in planning and co-running all three days, will make it an impactful event for such an important aviation issue.”

AAR Announces Exclusive Commercial Distribution Agreement with TRIUMPH 

AAR announced an exclusive multi-year commercial distribution agreement with TRIUMPH’s actuation products and services business unit. 

Under the agreement, which commences in January of 2026, AAR will exclusively distribute TRIUMPH’s commercial actuation product line, which includes more than 100 top-level assemblies and their subcomponents used on various Boeing and Airbus commercial platforms. AAR will support commercial airlines and MRO customers through its global distribution network.

This new OEM distribution relationship complements AAR’s existing product offerings and customer base. Additionally, TRIUMPH will benefit from AAR’s services and robust global sales force in efficiently executing the delivery of inventory to customers.

“This relationship will expand AAR’s offerings to the commercial aftermarket on key Boeing and Airbus platforms,” said Frank Landrio, AAR’s senior vice president of distribution. “We are excited to distribute this product line as part of the AAR product portfolio given TRIUMPH’s reputation for quality.”

GE Aerospace Announces Pioneering Flight Operations Software Partnership with Air India

GE Aerospace today announced a landmark flight operations software contract with Air India, India’s leading global airline. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone as Air India becomes the first enterprise in India to adopt GE’s FlightPulse® pilot app together with Safety and Fuel Insight for its entire group.

With Safety Insight, Air India will have access to advanced analytics and real-time data monitoring to enhance safety measures and ensure optimal performance across its fleet. Fuel Insight will provide the enterprise with comprehensive fuel efficiency solutions, enabling the group to optimize journeys for more efficient fuel management. The FlightPulse® pilot app and its embedded Animation Module will drive engagement with more than 5000 of Air India’s flight crew by providing them with insights from personalized flight data, helping make informed operational decisions and taking an active role in driving Air India’s flight safety, training, and sustainability initiatives. 

“Air India group airlines are thrilled to collaborate with GE Aerospace and integrate their innovative solutions into our operations”, said Klaus Goersch, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Air India. “The future looks bright as we work hand in hand to shape the future of Air India and set new standards for excellence and efficiency.”

“We are elated to embark on this journey with Air India, a true trailblazer in the aviation industry,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager, GE Aerospace, Software. “This partnership signifies a shared commitment to innovation, safety, and operational excellence.”

Airinmar Signs Extension of Aircraft Warranty and Engineering Services with Philippine Airlines 

 AAR subsidiary Airinmar, an independent provider of component repair cycle management and aircraft warranty solutions, has signed a multi-year support services extension with Philippine Airlines (PAL). 

Working in conjunction with PAL’s Aircraft Material Management team, Airinmar will provide a full suite of support services covering both aircraft warranty and value engineering. The services will supplement PAL’s current activities and continue building on the successful recovery of the Philippine flag carrier’s aircraft warranty entitlements and reducing the cost of component repair. 

“Since we implemented Airinmar’s services at the start of 2020, Airinmar has been a trusted partner. We appreciate their commitment to value engineering and solid warranty management, which has contributed to meeting Philippine Airlines’ safety and efficiency goals,” said Alvin Kendrich Limqueco, PAL SVP – Supply Chain Management Group. “We will continue to leverage Airinmar’s comprehensive engineering knowledge and expertise to help drive down PAL’s operational maintenance costs and thereby contribute to our overall sustained improvement goals.” 

Airinmar’s value engineering support will continue to deliver cost savings through supplier compliance with PAL’s contracted component repairs and minimize component flight-hour out-of-scope repair charges.

Airinmar’s aircraft warranty management services cover the identification, claim, and recovery of the multiple aircraft warranty entitlements provided by Airbus, Boeing, and de Havilland and their suppliers. 

“We are delighted to extend our successful relationship with PAL and continue working alongside their Aircraft Material Management team to reduce maintenance costs across PAL’s multiple fleet types,” said Matt Davies, Airinmar’s general manager. “We are excited to be part of PAL’s growth strategy as their fleet expands with new aircraft deliveries in the coming years.”

New K-TC Thermocouple Data Loggers From Influx

CAS DataLoggers introduced their new K-TC range from Influx Technology for standalone temperature data logging. The K-TC unit is available with 8, 16, or 32 channels; these can be stacked and daisy-chained to meet your requirements and capture data from an unlimited number of thermocouples. The K-TC has galvanic isolation across USB, CAN, Power, and TC boards to ensure the protection of all devices.

Experience the versatility and reliability of the K-TC range with three seamless modes:

Mode 1 – Standalone Temperature Data Logging

Say goodbye to the need for a PC! Store your thermocouple data directly within the device using the internal 8GB eMMC storage, recording many months of data. This standalone data logging mode ensures user-friendliness and

efficiency, enabling extended logging periods without requiring human interaction.

This capability can be used simultaneously with Mode 2.

Mode 2 – Temperature Data to CAN

Connect and transfer thermocouple data onto the CAN bus using Influx Technology’s
Rebel or ReXgen series, or another CAN bus logger. Use a Rebel series, ReXgen series, or an existing CAN bus data logger, to integrate the K-TC devices. Extend your capabilities by connecting the CAN bus output to a ReXgen Air and remotely collect your thermocouple data on an AWS S3 server.

Mode 3 – USB to PC

Witness thermocouple data come to life on your PC screen. Use the integrated oscil- loscope feature of K-CAL to visualize and interpret your measurements in real-time. This mode provides a dynamic and user-friendly way to capture, view, and export your data to third-party formats for in-depth analysis.


  • 8, 16, or 32 thermocouple connections
  • 20Hz sampling rate
  • Supports K, J, and T-type thermocouples
  • Simple signal configuration using a DBC file
  • Supplied with K-CAL configuration software for Windows
  • Stackable ABS enclosure The Influx K-CAL software is specifically designed to ensure you harness the full potential of the K-TC with precision and convenience. This powerful software allows for the con- figuration of up to five K-TCs at once and supports CAN message transmission with an oscilloscope for live data viewing. It also includes a DBC file for easy integration.

ITPS Canada and Airbus Sign a Multi-year Agreement for Flight Test Training

The International Test Pilots School (ITPS Canada), an independent school of experimental flight testing, announced the signature of a multi-year contract with Airbus, for the provision of flight test training services. ITPS says this agreement is “a testament to the relentless pursuit of flight test and academic excellence, high-quality instruction and the commitment to delivering superior flight test training for which ITPS is renowned.”

The agreement builds on Airbus the experiences of the two since 2017 training individual fixed and rotary wing test pilots and flight test engineers from its multiple European divisions at the ITPS and cements ITPS’s position as a provider of advanced flight test training to European and the global aerospace industry. The training to be provided includes EASA approved CAT-1 and CAT-2 Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers courses, including the master of science degree option and numerous short courses for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), for fixed wing and rotary wing students.

“I am delighted and honored at the trust placed in ITPS by Europe’s biggest aerospace manufacturer and that ITPS graduates will continue to make invaluable contributions to industry flight testing,” ITPS’s CEO Giorgio Clementi stated.

StandardAero Enters 40th Year Supporting Airbus Helicopter Dynamic Components MRO Services

StandardAero’s Airbus helicopter dynamic components MRO facility, located in Richmond, BC, Canada, recently celebrated the company’s 40th year of supporting Airbus Helicopter dynamic components services.  The facility is a full-fledged, D Level rated, MRO shop, supported by Airbus factory trained technicians covering all MRO, VDI and BBOV disciplines for servicing Airbus helicopters.   

The Richmond site offers full repair and overhaul, including testing, of AS350/H125, AS355, H130/EC130 Dynamic Components.  On-site capabilities include cleaning/stripping, Level II NDT covering MPI, FPI and in-house ECI, CNC CMM measurement, coatings, a clean room for bonding and a full complement of traditional and CNC machines to support our in-house Reworks.  StandardAero also performs R&O on small components such as shock absorbers and TGB spiders. 

“Our Richmond team of technicians and engineers has a lengthy history when it comes to Airbus components, dating back to the mid-1980’s,” said Andy Wong, general manager of StandardAero’s Richmond site.  “Additionally, we authorized to perform balancing on tail rotor short shafts.  This is a direct result of our OEM partnership which is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.” 

The Richmond Airbus shop boasts an extensive in-house repair catalogue for singular piece parts.  All of the company’s inspectors and certified machinists have successfully completed the requisite Airbus BBOV training.  This provides StandardAero the ability to salvage parts with Airbus specified repairs contributing to a faster turnaround times while returning the original parts back to the customer. 

To continue to maintain alignment with the OEM, the Richmond Airbus MRO shop completed the Airbus Special Process Audit in 2023 and is certified for more than a dozen critical Airbus Special Processes. 

“We believe nothing is more important than ensuring the customer is mission ready and we have openly made our extensive Rework capability available to all other dynamic component repair shops who do not possess in-house capability,” added Wong.  “Our Richmond site also welcomes piece part repair requests directly from customers and our engineers work closely with the engineers at Airbus to make every attempt to repair rather than replace parts in order to keep operator costs low and reliability high.”