Signal Group Establishes Gas Monitoring Hire Fleet

Responding to a demand for short-term monitoring, Signal Group has established a fleet of gas measurement instruments that are available for hire. “Some of our customers only need the equipment for a specific project or for a short-term investigation,” explains MD James Clements. “In these circumstances it would not be sensible to purchase the equipment, because it may not be required at the end of the project, and the capital cost may be preclusive. We have therefore established a small range of our more popular instruments, which are now available for rent.”

The rental equipment includes Signal analysers employing FID for VOC and non-methane hydrocarbons; chemiluminescent analysers for NO/NOx; NDIR for multiple species such as CO, CO2, CH4, NO, N2O, SO2 and HCl. In addition to reference method gas analyzers, Signal Group also manufactures a comprehensive range of ancillary instruments including heated lines, sample conditioners, filters, cooler/dryers, methane cutters, NOx converters, sample dividers and calibration equipment. These instruments are all available for hire on a first-come, first-served basis.

Military/Aerospace Testing and Consulting Compliance Organization Receives 7th Consecutive ACIL Customer Quality Service Award

For the seventh consecutive year, D.L.S. Electronic Systems, a Wheeling, Ill.-based global compliance organization specializing in EMI/EMC, Environmental, Wireless and Product Safety testing and consulting for Military, Aviation/Avionics and other industries received the Customer Quality Service Award for 2022 – 2023 from the Washington, DC based American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL).

D.L.S. says this award sets them apart from other laboratories by demonstrating their continued commitment to quality of testing and customer service. The program was developed to address the industry’s quality issues and recognize those individual testing laboratories with exemplary quality performance. It provides companies and industry with a comprehensive mechanism to evaluate testing laboratories.

This award confirms the D.L.S. commitment to ensuring testing data integrity, meeting customers’ quality and timing needs and setting the highest performance standards for the testing laboratory industry.

No other evaluation program ranks customer satisfaction with laboratory services and requires laboratory management to commit to a data integrity program, an ethics program and submit a signed code of ethics. D.L.S. supports MIL STD 461, RTCA DO 160, MIL STD 810, MIL DTL 83528, and other industry standards for laboratory compliance testing. It is also an accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory under the ANSI National Accreditation Board – ANAB.

Kaman Measuring Announces KD-5100+ High Reliability Sensor System for Fast Steering Mirror Control

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products announced the KD-5100+, an upgraded higher reliability version of Kaman’s legacy KD-5100 measuring system. The KD-5100+ retains the proven performance of the KD-5100 system while incorporating upgrades to the circuit layout, ground connections, and sensor connectors. The upgraded system also features higher reliability diodes and capacitors.

The KD-5100+ is the ideal choice for laser communications, satellite and ground station applications, as well as directed energy (ground, shipboard, and airborne), and image stabilization systems.

Two precisely matched sensors of a measuring channel are positioned opposite each other on the back of a fast steering mirror (FSM) in two axes at 90 degrees to each other. As the FSM actuators drive the mirror about the center flexure, the mirror moves away from one sensor of an axis and toward the other sensor an equal amount. The KD-5100+ output signal is used to actively control mirror position.

At the heart of the upgraded KD-5100+ is a Mil-PRF-38534 Class H proprietary hybrid microcircuit. The system also features dual channel signal conditioner with two precisely matched sensors per channel.

Designed for thermal and long term stability, radiation tolerant, and suitable for vacuum applications, the KD-5100+ offers a small package size and low power consumption. It features isolated signal and chassis grounds and low outgassing components.

Signal conditioning electronics are available in the identical low profile enclosure as the KD-5100. Enclosure finish can be either black paint for low reflectivity or bright nickel finish for lower outgassing. Sensor and signal conditioner packaging can be customized for unique requirements.

Kaman offers high-precision, electro-mechanical contract manufacturing at its 215,000 square foot facility, with assembly to IPC-A-610 Class III and component traceability. Complete end-item data package (EIDP) development is available upon request. The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products follows rigorous aerospace quality systems. The manufacturing facility is certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000 and features a class 100 clean room.

Evolution Measurement Appointed USA and Canada Sales Channel Partner for DMA

Evolution Measurement has been appointed as channel partner for Italian flight test instrument manufacturer, D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA) in the USA and Canada.

DMA design and manufacture test equipment for aircraft systems and components such as: RVSM compliant Air Data Test Sets and Systems; Pitot-Static adapters and air data accessory kits, fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analysers; tachometer test sets; absolute pressure calibration standards and transfer standards; tilt tables and equipment designed to customer specifications. They also produce laboratory and production grade instruments as well as a comprehensive range of flight-line instruments.

DMA’s precision aircraft ground test equipment is used in over 80 countries worldwide by established overhaul bases, civil airlines and general aviation and DMA are unique in being the only manufacturer to produce both test sets and a complete range of pitot-static adapters.

“Always delighted to be working with DMA, their flight test equipment is truly world class and we are excited to present the product range to our customers,” said Paul Crowhurst, Evolution Measurement’s managing director “We have detailed experience of this vibrant market and we’re looking forward to growing DMA’s presence in the USA and Canada.”

AMETEK MRO Muirhead Avionics Introduces the SDR-OMNI All-in-One Avionics Flight Line Test Set

Muirhead Avionics, a brand of AMETEK MRO and one of the largest independent avionics repair facilities in Europe (excluding Spain & Portugal), has secured exclusive distribution rights for the SDR-OMNI All-in-One Avionics Flight Test Set in Europe.

Manufactured by Tel Instruments (TIC), the SDR-OMNI Flight Line Test Set provides avionics technicians with a comprehensive suite of radio frequency (RF) avionics test capability in a single rugged, yet lightweight, package for demanding commercial and military customers. Professionally formatted reports can be downloaded via USB or wirelessly printed to a local wireless printer. 

This is the most advanced commercial flight line test set ever made. The combination of hardware and software can test virtually any RF signal from 200 kHz to 2.0 GHz. Test functions are implemented using software-defined signal processes that generate, receive, and measure complex avionics signals covering narrow band analog or digital communications, intricate navigation, and wide-band pulse or data protocols. 

“This device will be a game changer for avionics testing,” comments Steve Wells, Managing Director and Divisional Vice President at Muirhead Avionics. “At Muirhead, we endeavour to deliver the latest technologies to our customers, and this test set fits into our portfolio perfectly, offering unmatched capability and ease of use. This is the first RF test set that is completely software defined – technicians simply need to specify the avionics test app, or combination of apps they would like to use. It is also the lightest test set in the market at only 4.2 pounds. Additionally, its large 7-inch colour display with responsive touchscreen means the SDR-OMNI is designed with the specialised demands of commercial and military customers in mind.”  

Kaman Measuring Announces ThreadChecker with Inspection Capabilities

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products has announced the availability of its improved ThreadChecker. This line of non-contact application-specific sensors provides rugged, reliable verification of thread presence or absence in nearly any electrically conductive material. The ThreadChecker is a teachable eddy current inspection tool, widely used for thread detection, material sorting, plating presence, and absence of heat treatment, as examples. Any physical property difference that relates to material conductivity is readily detected. These sensors are available from stock and ready to ship immediately.

The ThreadChecker is ideal for use in any automated inspection process. Consisting of a single electronics module compatible with any probe/material combination, the ThreadChecker can check threads regardless of part cleanliness, reducing the cost of implementation.

With Kaman’s proven eddy current technology at its core, the ThreadChecker is designed specifically for in-die use. It features four internal probes, ranging from 4 to 10 millimeters (mm) and two external probes, 6mm and 8mm. Available with a DIN rail mounting option, ThreadChecker is CE-compliant and features IP-67 rated probes and electronics.

The ThreadChecker is available with both switched and analog outputs. With the switched output option, the sensor is wired to a PLC or other controller, programmed to alarm when no thread is detected. As an alternative, users can monitor the analog voltage and program the PLC or other control device with limits suitable for the application.

OLYMPUS Becomes EVIDENT in Split from Global Medtech Company

Olympus Corp. announced the completion of the separation of its Scientific Solutions business to a wholly-owned subsidiary, Evident Corp. Following the divestiture of its Imaging business, this move further signifies the company’s long-term strategy to cement its position as a major player in the medtech industry.

The proposed split was first announced in June 2021. As a newly-established wholly-owned subsidiary, Evident, headquartered in Japan, continues to operate independently under the Olympus umbrella. Olympus’ Scientific Solutions business encompassed the Olympus Industrial and Life Science businesses.

The company says the reorganization will give the Scientific Solutions business the autonomy and agility to respond quickly and more flexibly to the needs of Industrial and Life Science customers. “Evident, while continuing to provide best-in-class products, will expand its digital and cloud-based solutions to enhance the customer experience and to improve the overall workflow in the research and inspection fields,” said Yoshitake Saito, president and representative director of Evident. “We will shift from a business model centered on the sale of products, to one focused on solving customer issues and challenges. With this greater management autonomy, we will promote agile product development and open innovation, which we believe will increase the speed of product development.”

The company says its new name exemplifies its “unwavering commitment to continue providing high-quality products and technical expertise.” The company also says it is putting a renewed focus on customer collaboration and responsiveness to customer concerns.

DTB Invests to Expand Capability and Accelerate Test Scheduling

Dayton T. Brown announced that it has invested $1.25 million in its laboratory in Bohemia, New York, to expand advanced testing capacity and position the company for future growth in the aerospace, defense, and aviation markets. With the expanded capability, DTB has addressed the increasingly stringent requirements of these growing markets while answering customer requests for faster turnaround times and flexible scheduling options. The investment includes:

Self-contained, Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber. This addition augments current testing capability by adding a 10’ x 10’ x 10’, mid-size chamber option for customers, thereby increasing competitiveness and shortening lead times. This new chamber performs MIL-STD-810 and DO-160 temperature and humidity testing with higher and lower temperature extremes and faster ramp rates, features needed for contemporary testing requirements for products such as electric vehicle batteries, engine assemblies, and military munitions and weapons.

Custom-Built Solar Chamber. This provides a 12’ x 24’ x 10’ chamber designed to accommodate MIL-STD-810, ASTM, and ANSI testing specifications. Specialized solar testing measures the effects of the light intensity generated when commercial or military products such as automotive parts, computer screens, or handheld electronics sit in the sun for an extended period, along with aiding in the understanding of the effects of solar activity on climate change.

Upgraded Vibration Facilities and Capabilities. Several vibration tables have been reconfigured and upgraded, expanding DTB’s capacity for dynamics testing. The Company has combined its Unholtz Dickie T1000s, MB Dynamics C150s, and temperature hoods with new vibration control computers. This updated system allows DTB to meet a wider variety of test scheduling needs for the aerospace industry as well as the increased requirements of the Navy community.

Central Facility Hydraulic Power Supply. This upgrade is composed of three hydraulic power supply systems which provide redundancy and capacity to support the laboratory and its growing testing needs. The new power supplies are used to support DTB’s hydraulic, structural, and seismic testing capabilities, required for the growing aerospace market.

Scanning Electron Microscope. Features like dispersive spectroscopy, a color chamber scope, and stage navigation system, assist the Company’s growing need to perform engineering analysis and reverse engineering in support of service life extension programs (SLEP).
6-axis Portable Measurement Arm. Specialized for high-accuracy probing, and flexible enough to be used nearly anywhere on the manufacturing floor, this tool helps to ease bottlenecks and reduce lead times. This state-of-the-art measuring arm delivers real-time dimensional feedback at the point of production for interim and final product and fixture fabrication. Improvements such as this enhance DTB’s recently expanded fabrication and machining center, offering customers in-house machining, tooling, and test fixture design and fabrication option to go along with engineering and test services. One-stop-shopping leads to reduced turn-around times and streamlined scheduling for customers’ mission-critical programs.

“We continue to expand our capabilities and push the boundaries of innovation here on Long Island to remain the most comprehensive test facility able to supply all our customer’s testing needs under one roof,” commented Jim Kelly, president, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. “We’re committed to responding to customer needs by advancing capabilities, increasing capacity, and providing flexibility to meet challenging schedules,” he continued.

72DL PLUS Thickness Gauge Measures Ultra-Thin Layers and at High Speed

The new 72DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge delivers precision thickness measurements at high speed in a portable, easy-to-use device. With fast scanning, advanced algorithms and Olympus’ lowest-ever minimum thickness capability, the gauge can measure the thickness of very thin layers for challenging applications across industries.Whether used as a paint thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge or material thickness gauge, the 72DL PLUS instrument delivers reliable, lab-quality measurements to maximize productivity and throughput on the production floor.

Easily Track and Visualize Thickness Changes
Capable of displaying up to six layers at once for multilayer coatings, paint, plastics and other materials, the gauge includes a full-color touch screen and five measurement layouts so thickness changes can be accurately tracked and visualized.

Easy Application Setup for Routine Thickness Measurements
Guided workflow makes it easier to create and save an application setup. For routine applications, inspectors can store and recall settings to simplify device setup before each inspection.

Modern Data Management for Industry 4.0
Built-in data logging and onboard file management provide streamlined thickness data collection and processing, while the PC Interface Application includes intuitive tools to review and manage data for multiple devices and parts. Connected and cloud capable for Industry 4.0 practices, the gauge supports wireless LAN, Bluetooth®, and USB connectivity and integrates into the Olympus Scientific Cloud™ (OSC).

Rugged for the Production Floor
Built for industrial environments, the gauge can be used indoors and outdoors, on a work surface, or using a four-point chest harness or shoulder strap. The gauge meets military drop test standards (MIL-STD-810G) to protect against accidental drops or impacts, is designed to meet IP65 requirements to protect against dust and moisture, and takes reliable measurements in hot and cold climates with an impressive operating temperature range of –10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F).

Thickness Gauge Models to Suit Versatile Applications
72DL PLUS thickness gauges are available in Standard and High-Frequency models. The High-Frequency model can drive transducer frequencies up to 125 MHz to measure ultra-thin materials—including multilayer paint, plastics, metals and coatings—and simultaneously display the thickness of up to six layers. The 72DL PLUS gauge provides up to 2 kHz measurement speeds, a 60 Hz display update, and clean signals for fast, accurate measurements.

Military Testing and Consulting Compliance Organization Receives Nationwide 2021 ACIL Customer Quality Service Award

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, a Wheeling, Ill.-based global compliance organization specializing in EMI/EMC, Environmental, Wireless and Product Safety testing and consulting for Military, RTCA and other industries, received three Quality Service Awards from the Washington, DC based American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL):

Nationwide ACIL 2021 Customer Quality Service Award
Special Recognition Award for Timeliness
Special Recognition Award for Overall Customer Satisfaction

ACIL was developed in 1996 to address the industry’s quality issues and recognize those laboratories with exemplary quality performance. The program provides laboratory data users with a mechanism to evaluate testing laboratories. Participants commit to ensuring data integrity, meeting customers’ quality needs and setting performance standards for the testing laboratory industry. No other evaluation program ranks customer satisfaction with laboratory services and requires laboratory management to commit to a data integrity program. To become a participant, testing laboratories must distribute satisfaction surveys to customers, commit to an ethics program and submit a signed code of ethics.