C&L Aviation Group Completes First Bongiovi Embraer 135 Speakerless Sound System

C&L Aviation Group Completes First Bongiovi Embraer 135 Speakerless Sound System

C&L Aviation Services (C&L) has successfully installed a Bongiovi speaker less cabin audio system into an Embraer 135. The system, which uses Bongiovi’s patented Digital Power Station (DPS) signal processing technology, coupled with transducers attached to the backside of aircraft interior panels, is the first such system installed into an Embraer 135 aircraft. The resulting sound is an immersive audio experience that produces a high-fidelity sound that remains consistent throughout the entire aircraft cabin, according to the company.

“C&L are experts in modifying and improving regional aircraft like ERJ 135/145 making them the ideal choice for a project like this one,” said Rob Hamelink, managing partner at Bongiovi Aviation. C&L has been a great partner of ours for several years and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

C&L has been modifying and upgrading the interiors and systems inside regional jets for several years, specializing in converting the aircraft into business-class and luxury aircraft. C&L provides interior aircraft refurbishment, engineering, and exterior paint services to convert regional jets such as CRJ and ERJ aircraft from standard “airliner configuration” to 30 seat (or less) aircraft including new seat designs, upgrading interior panels, upgrading lavatories, installing LED lighting, Wi-Fi and other avionics upgrades, electrical outlets, and more.

“C&L is always excited to be able to provide solutions like the Bongiovi system to meet the specialized needs of our customers,” said Calvin Tuitt, SVP of Business Development MRO. “Due to our regional and corporate aircraft experience, C&L is a logical choice to complete projects like this one.”

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