Commsoft’s Hosted OASES Program Wins First Three Customers

Commsoft named three currently unannounced customers, including a regional airline in Europe and two airliner corporate shuttle operators in the U.S.A. have already signed for OASES in 2012, with two having gone live with a total of six aircraft between them.

OASES (Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System) is designed to combine ease of use with a technical sophistication that allows for the full integration of all maintenance and engineering functions, from inventory management and purchasing to defect control and work scheduling. The hosted program allows smaller airlines, CAMOs and corporate operators to gain access to OASES by removing potentially prohibitive set up costs such as server acquisition and third party licensing. As the operator’s fleet size grows or functional demands increase, it can then transfer easily to a more conventional OASES set up.

“We’re continuing to witness a growing international interest in our hosted OASES program, confirming our prediction that it would open up a whole new maintenance planning market for OASES amongst smaller operators,” says Nick Godwin Commsoft’s managing director.

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