Component Control and OneAeroMRO Collaborate to Interface Software Systems

Component Control is collaborating with OneAeroMRO to create a seamless interface between the two companies’ software systems. The comprehensive integration between Component Control’s Quantum Control MRO and Logistics Software and OneAeroMRO’s MRO-Tracker, a repair order management, monitoring, tracking and reporting system, will enhance automation and streamline the entire repair order management process for MROs and their vendors.

“When we approached OneAeroMRO with this idea they were excited because they had already recognized the benefits of the integration for both parties. It is a capability that improves customer service, saves time and reduces costs,” said Todd Lewis, president of Component Control.

OneAeroMRO’s MRO-Tracker is an online status and communication information system that allows customers such as airlines, MROs and repair centers to monitor the external repair process. MRO-Tracker provides visibility of assets undergoing external repair thus helping to streamline communication, increase productivity, and shorten repair turn times.

“Significant enhancements come with our integration. When a vendor using Quantum Control receives a repair order from a customer on OneAeroMRO, the system will automatically create a work order in Quantum. It will be linked to the proper Quantum customer and part information, and include the details from the incoming electronic repair order,” explained Thomas Wippich, director sales, for OneAeroMRO. “The system will notify the customer on OneAeroMRO when the component has been received into the Quantum system, and push status reports and estimated completion date updates back to the customer, all electronically.”

The integration is intended to help clients of the two companies and utilize technicians’ time more efficiently. The automated transactions alleviate the need for technicians to transcribe details from a repair order into the Quantum Control work order system. It frees repair vendors from handling customer calls requesting status updates on ongoing repairs.


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