Connector Supplier, BTC Electronic Components, Expands Glenair Line With “Full Nelson” Shrink Boots

Connector distributor BTC Electronic Components stocks and distributes the Glenair Series 77 class of environmental shrink boots. This series is known as the “Full Nelson” range because of their iron grip and long-term effectiveness in connector-to-cable transitions. When installed with pre-coated adhesive or with Glenair’s high performance two part epoxy adhesive, these boots provide a dependable, long-term, leak-proof seal for the most demanding interconnect applications.

Glenair manufacturers the boots in two styles: lipped or lipless. The lipped version is designed for use with connector adapters that attach to mil-spec circular connectors and have a boot groove to accept an interlocking lip on the boot for increased strength. These adapters can be unthreaded from the connector for repair and accept both shielded and unshielded cable. Lipless boots are designed for direct attachment to connector threads, eliminating the adapter, thus saving space and weight. Adhesive lining provides sealing and improved mechanical strength.

The Series 77 range is available in various flexibilities to suit different applications. Materials range from high performance elastomer, zero-halogen material to general purpose polyolefin depending upon the environmental requirements and resistance required against lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, aviation fuel, de-icing fluid and diesel oil.

BTC stocks and distributes a wide range of shrink boot adaptors, lamp-base thread adaptors, shield sock adaptors, and lightweight composite adaptors from Glenair. Since 1980, BTC has been solving customers’ most difficult connector problems. They recently became one of the first connector distributors to earn the AS9100 Rev C Certification.


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