DAC Int’l. GDC64 Now Compatible with Foreflight and Freeflight RANGR ADS-B Receiver

DAC Int’l. (DAC) announced recently the compatibility of the DAC GDC64 with Foreflight Mobile. Beginning with ForeFlight’s November release, version 11.10, the GDC64 allows the display of ADS-B information in ForeFlight’s industry leading integrated app. The DAC International GDC64 Wired interface connects the FreeFlight Systems RANGR ADS-B In receiver to an iPad for display of ADS-B weather and traffic on the Foreflight App. This solution is part of an ADS-B compliant installation to meet the 2020 mandates with a wired solution not requiring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and their accompanying reliability issues. The RANGR ADS-B Receiver connects to the GDC64 which in turn provides an interface to the iPad for use by the Foreflight Application to display ADS-B information.

“We are extremely pleased to finally offer this solution to our many customers that have been asking for this interface to the Foreflight application,” said DAC International’s President Cisco Hernandez.

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