Delta Digital Video Launches Model 7840R H.265 Rugged Video Encoder

Delta Digital Video announced the launch of a new addition to the line of rugged H.265 video encoders. The Model 7840R 4-Channel H.265 Video Encoder is a rugged, HD/SD video encoder extending support for multi-channel applications while maintaining the same size, weight, and power of their dual-channel unit, Model 7820R 2-Channel HD/SD H.265 Rugged Video Encoder.

The Model 7840R provides flexibility with simultaneous support for H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 (AVC), along with both HD/SD-SDI and composite video formats. It is built on an advanced, low-power multimedia architecture that provides the horsepower for the computationally intensive H.265 algorithm, providing bandwidth efficiency for multi-channel applications. This increased efficiency allows for more channels to be transmitted over a given bandwidth, better quality video for constrained bandwidth applications, or lower bandwidth operation to extend the limits of ISR and flight test operations.

Delta Digital Video’s Rugged Video Encoders are designed for harsh airborne, ground-mobile, and shipboard environments. Our highly reliable Rugged Video Encoders compress and multiplex sensor video, audio, and metadata for real-time, low latency transmission to remote ground stations and downstream processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) systems.

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