Delta Digital Video’s Video Distribution System Included in Surface Navy Combat System Network, Processing and Storage Modification

Delta Digital Video announced it has been selected to supply multiple Model 9600 Video Distribution Systems to Global Technical Systems (GTS), who has been contracted for procurement of Network, Processing and Storage (NPS) Technical Insertion (TI) 16, Modification (MOD) 1 production equipment, which provides computer processing and memory, data storage and extraction, network systems and input/output interfaces to host software applications of Navy combat systems.

The NPS program consists of enterprise products in use across surface Navy combat systems which introduce powerful, commercially available, off-the-shelf processors as part of a general strategy to achieve a modular and open architecture design. NPS is comprised of two different common processing system enclosure assemblies and three variants: advanced storage area network, core computing system, and air-cooled processing and storage subsystem. Aegis weapon system modernization upgrade equipment systems are also included in this procurement and align requirements to include the Aegis local area network interconnect system, Aegis conversion equipment group Input/Output 1 and 2, and digital video display system.

Delta Digital Video’s Model 9600 Video Distribution System (VDS) will be integrated into the CCTV System allowing multiple sources of combat system and other video to be converted and input into the CCTV network to be delivered into the Operations Room and throughout the ship.

Providing support for up to 15 channels of encoders and/or decoders, the Model 9600 is a modular product that provides scalability for video distribution applications. The 9600 Series VDS and its companion video encoder and decoder modules are designed to provide a durable, cost-effective solution for encoding, transmitting, and decoding diverse video formats such as those found in ground stations, operations centers, and classrooms.

“Delta Digital Video fully understands that NPS plays a critical role across surface Navy combat systems,” said George Nelson, vice president and general manager. “Our Video Distribution System is designed for performance, reliability, and flexibility, making it ideal for shipboard applications”.


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