Dr. Andrew Coombes To Present at Aviation Electronics Europe

AndrewCoombes150Dr. Andrew Coombes, head of Marketing and Engineering Services at Rapita Systems, will be presenting at Aviation Electronics Europe in Munich, Germany on Wednesday 25th March on ‘Worst Case Execution Time for DO-178B/C Applications: Current practice, state of the art and future developments’.

Dr. Coombes has been has been involved in the development and commercialization of software tools for embedded, real-time applications for the past 18 years and will share some of his experience and knowledge about determining worst-case execution time (WCET) as a recommended activity for avionics systems developed according to the DO-178B or DO-178C guidelines.
One approach to determining WCET that is widely used and currently accepted by certification authorities is manual analysis and measurement. Manual analysis and measurement is an effort-intensive task and requires an extremely high level of care to ensure measurements are correctly captured. Much of the effort required by the manual process occurs because of the need to predict worst-case paths through the source code.

In his presentation, Dr. Coombes will address how an automated tool can minimize this effort, and proposes an iterative process whereby an extremely accurate WCET can be obtained through a combination of testing and analysis. A beneficial side effect of this process is the identification of WCET “hotspots” – places in the code where the return on optimization effort is maximized.

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