Duncan Aviation Creates Live PMA Database

Duncan Aviation has created a new PMA Library. Duncan says the database consists of more than 75 PMAs, all of which are available for sale. There are three ways to search the PMA Library: by aircraft, by PMA category, or by viewing the full list. Click By Aircraft to see the available PMAs by aircraft make. Click by PMA Category to see available PMAs for ATG, Aircell, Airframe, Installations, Interior, WLAN, or other categories. Click View Full List to see all PMAs that Duncan Aviation has to offer.

Duncan Aviation’s Engineering and Certification Departments produce Supplemental Type Certificates, and the company also has a searchable STC Library. These STCs may be sold as a complete package or as individual PMA parts.

“You can think of a PMA as an egg that’s a part of an entire carton—the STC is the entire carton, with regard to STCs,” says Chad Ladwig, Duncan Aviation’s PMA project lead. “We can sell the entire carton, the STC, or we can sell the individual eggs, the PMA.”

In the three months that the PMA database has been live, Duncan says it has received multiple requests for quotes.

“Examples of PMA requests have included dust panes for Citation 550 and 560s and Gogo Kit modification parts for a Wi-Fi system. We have created PMAs for a variety of business aircraft,” said Ladwig. “This database is a central location for our customers or team members to go and find modification parts, parts that are no longer available, or more cost-effective parts.”

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