Duncan Aviation Engine Test Cell Is In Full Operation

Duncan Aviation has opened its new turbofan engine test cell. According to the company they have affectionately named the test cell ‘The Raptor,’  and has completed all of the necessary correlation runs certified by Honeywell and is fully operational with many Honeywell TFE731 engines scheduled for CZI inspections throughout the end of the year.
Mike Bernholtz, Turbine Engine Service Sales Rep, says there is no shortage of operators anxious to come to Duncan Aviation for their engine’s CZIs (Core Zone Inspections). “I am not surprised by the increased demand for Duncan Aviation TFE731 services. Our shop has been over capacity for several months. It just goes to show that operators who choose to come to Duncan Aviation continue to choose us again and again because no other engine service center has the quality of people or the depth of TFE731 experience in the industry,” Bernholtz says.
The company says the new 20,000 lb.-thrust-class test cell is one of the most capable in the engine MRO industry, and that they will be able to provide customers with intermediate-level, depot-level, production-level and development-level engine testing capability.  The test cell runs on the lastest technology from its computer hardware, displays, and touchscreens to the data acquisition and PLC control hardware.
A formal dedication of the new cell is being held today.

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