Duncan Aviation Remodels Design Center at Lincoln Facility

After several months of renovation, Duncan Aviation reopened its remodeled Design Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company says it added 900 additional square feet of space and new features to enhance the customer experience.

The large showroom floor is lined with custom cabinetry and expanded display space to showcase material options and a wide range of aircraft-specific products. It is an open, interactive space where customers are invited to work with designers to select materials and finishes for their interior refurbishment and exterior paint completions. An integral part of the new space is a conference room separated by glass walls and large sliding doors that can be utilized for either private consultations or opened to be part of the showroom during larger presentations.

The Design Center renovation put major importance on lighting. Large picture windows and skylights are prominent throughout. “We wanted to emphasize the ideal lighting conditions,” says senior designer Mary Lee. “The type of lighting is vital when selecting materials. Simulating the combination of natural daylight and LED lighting that is in an aircraft within the showroom allows customers to view materials in the perfect setting.”

Adjacent to the Customer Showroom, the design team occupies updated office space and a reconfigured materials library that features additional work space and fabric sampling.

The Duncan Aviation Design Team in Lincoln has five designers, one multimedia illustrator, and one design engineer. The company also has full design capabilities at its Battle Creek, Michigan, location with a team of four designers and a multimedia specialist. Duncan Aviation is also in the process of hiring design staff for aircraft interior services at its Provo, Utah, facility.

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