EASA Part CAMO Transition Special Consultancy

Many changes are coming to the EASA Part M CAMO Environment during the next 12 months and Sofema Aviation Services is at the forefront to provide both Regulatory Guidance and Specific Training Courses focused on every element of the Part CAMO Environment.

Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com specialises in providing regulatory support to industry, including EASA Part CAMO Transition, to achieve the following:
• Optimise the CAMO process & procedures to ensure full compliance together with efficient processes
• Support to Develop Part CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) Procedures
• Support to be fully compliant in Compliance & Safety Systems including competence development
• Bespoke training specifically focused on your organisations’ needs based on your pre-existing knowledge

The Part CAMO compliant organisation will be required to establish, implement and maintain a Management System which will include Safety Management together with Compliance Monitoring (typically CM continues the same as now).

Under the new internal safety reporting scheme, organisations will be required to collect information and ensure evaluation of all known information relevant to errors, inability to follow procedures, near misses and hazards.

What Standard Training Courses are currently available?
• Part CAMO – 1 Day
• SMS for Part CAMO Regulatory Obligations – 1 Day
• Human Factors (HF) & Safety Management System (SMS) for Part CAMO – 3 Days
• Part M 2020 – 2 Days
• Part M 2020 – 1 Day Differences Course
• SMS Investigation Techniques for Part CAMO Safety Practitioners – 2 Days
• Root Cause for Quality & Safety – 2 Days
• Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems Initial – EWIS For CAMO Planning & Technical Staff – 1 Day
• Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 Training Initial – 1 Day

Please Note Regarding Course Delivery Options

• All the above courses are available either in the Classroom, as Webinar or Online Course (Many with Voice-Over)
• Due to our flexibility, all classroom & webinar courses can be modified and configured specifically to meet your objectives

Next Steps
Please contact office@sassofia.com to arrange your FOC 1 Hour Consultancy.

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