Eleven New Customers for Swiss-AS

Again, Swiss-AS has added 11 new customers and an excellent financial result. In addition to the three national carriers Finnair, South African Airways and Brussels Airlines – Heli-One, Helvetic Airways, SkyWork Airlines, ABS Jets, PGA Portugalia, Eznis Airways and Southern Air (1st US customer) also joined the AMOS community. The contract signature of South African Airways marked a special milestone in the history of Swiss-AS: The 100th AMOS customer.

The company says investing in customer care and quality management has turned out to be an important factor in the story of their success.

Today more than 40 developers contribute to the continuous growth of AMOS and its technological innovation. Swiss-AS says it follows strict programming standards and has expanded its quality department where all new programs and features added are carefully revised by the Swiss-AS’ Product Review Board.

The AMOS Customer Conference took place in autumn 2011, with great success. The event offered the AMOS customers a platform to share information, learn from the experiences of their peers and receive information about Swiss-AS’ long-term strategy including an update of the functional and technological roadmap.

Outlook 2012: AMOS 10.00, New Functions and Re-branding
Since January 2012, Swiss-AS presents itself with a new logo and corporate identity. Following the re-branding process of its parent company Swiss International Air Lines, Swiss-AS has taken the opportunity to re-fresh its brand profile and to focus on the Swiss characteristics, such as quality, reliability and commitment to the customer.

In 2012, Swiss-AS will release AMOS 10.00 which will include the “Advanced Planning” functions, a strategic further development which was highly prioritised by the AMOS Strategic Board. In addition, AMOS will be equipped with several new MRO functions such as “Advanced Finance,” “Approval Control” and “Generic Release to Service.” By adding a number of new functions and extending existing ones in AMOS, the last remaining functional gap of AMOS will be closed and AMOS will respond to the needs of MRO providers in the same way that it responds to those of airlines.


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