European Operators May be Forced to Replace Airbus Windshields

From the Wall Street Journal

European operators of Airbus A330s and A320s may be forced by regulators to replace aircraft windshields following cockpit fires on flights, the Australian government said Friday.

Airbus, a unit of European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. (EAD.FR), last year recommended the replacement of thousands of windscreens on jets that could be at risk but only a limited number of carriers have followed through on its advice, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, or ATSB.

In results of an investigation released Friday into a fire on a Jetstar flight in 2009, the ATSB concluded that flames at the base of the A330’s main right windshield were caused by the use of a sealant that created unintended electrical heating during operation of the windshield heating system.

The Jetstar flight flying from Osaka, Japan to Australia’s Gold Coast was diverted to Guam after the fire was extinguished by flight crew.

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