FAA PMA Approved High Performance Stainless Exhaust Stacks Now Available for Many Bonanzas, Cessnas and Navions

Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. (AWI) has received FAA PMA authorization for manufacturing and shipping new high performance stainless steel exhaust stacks for many Bonanzas, Cessnas and most Navions. The new technology incorporated in the replacement stacks increases performance over the original OEM stacks by up to seven horsepower. The increase in power is consistent through all power settings by equalizing back pressure across all cylinders.

The company says their advanced technology incorporates multiple slip-joints limiting the possibility of cracking, creating a more reliable exhaust stack. Fabricated from high grade stainless steel tubing, the upgraded stacks typically lower operating temperatures, enhancing engine life.

AWI, which has been in the business of prototyping replacement parts and systems for over 25 years, has PMAs for over 450 products and has shipped over 72,000 parts for certified and homebuilt aircraft. They also repair/replace engine mounts for GA aircraft.

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