FL Technics Training: HR Management Systems in MRO – Innovative Solution to Tracking Staff Training Records

The function of Human Resources departments is generally administrative and common to all organizations. In the business sectors that require specific training and rely on standardized licensing processes required by regulative bodies, the role of expedient HR management is exceptionally important. In the aviation industry regulated by various regional and international institutions the licensing and certification processes are so diverse that monitoring the validity of the employee-held qualifications without the help of highly sophisticated software is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

“Some mechanics are only licensed to work with a single type of aircraft. Others, holding several certificates and licenses, can service or perform checks on both wide-body and narrow-body models. For instance, a second-level non-destructive testing (NDT) certificate is valid for a limited period of time for certain tasks, such as ultrasonic and radiography testing, only. It can be extended after passing a specialized exam. However, it does not require attending any additional training courses repeatedly. Meanwhile, Human Factory or Fuel Tank Safety training sessions are mandatory every two years,” explained Dainius Sakalauskas, deputy head of FL Technics Training.

FL Technics Training is currently in the process of developing an advanced personnel qualification monitoring system entitled ‘ReTrain System’. The system is designed to enable companies to have an easy access to the real-time training programs, passed courses, theory and practical training progress, taken exams, received licenses and certificates, etc. ‘ReTrain System’ also automatically generates the nearest dates when certain certificates and licenses are needed to be renewed as well as the schedules of all upcoming courses, such as Human Factors, Aviation Legislation, Fuel Tank Safety, etc. This way MROs and airlines can plan all their training and licensing up-front and monitor the entire company’s training history.

“An increasing number of MROs and airlines implement personnel management systems. The human factor and on-going personnel training play a major role in evaluating aviation safety. It is highly important to establish the actual need for employee training, monitor the entire progress as well as assess all certificates and competencies. The new ‘ReTrain System’ is a highly innovative and effective tool designed to ease the process of developing and maintaining a consistent HR training structure and monitoring employee progress,” says Dainius Sakalauskas.

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