FL Technics Training Launches Online EASA-Compliant Courses Platform

FL Technics Training is expanding the range of its services by launching Online Training, an Internet-based platform providing online EASA-compliant courses. The platform covers a set of specialized continuing and re-current courses, supplemented by the issuance of relevant certificates upon successful completion of the courses.

Online Training is a remote EASA Part-147-compliant training program, based on visually enhanced materials available online. The program is designed specifically for aircraft technical professionals and is aimed at both individuals and employers seeking to receive specialized aviation training in-house thus substantially saving both time and money.

“Moving certain aviation courses online allows us to be closer to our customers than ever before. From now on, MRO professionals are able to access all the required courses from the comfort of their own homes or offices. All they need is an Internet connection as well as a PC or any other device capable of online video playback. All courses can be viewed, re-viewed and stopped at any time to grant all the students added convenience and the opportunity to learn at one’s own individual pace. Moreover, Online Training will help both individuals and organizations to significantly reduce their course-related travel costs and unburden them from the previously unavoidable need to make lengthy trips to the desired training facilities,” says Kestutis Volungevicius, thehead of FL Technics Training.

Online Training starts with several courses, covering initial and continuing Human Factors and Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (Target Group 1-2 and 3-8) areas. According to the 2014 training schedule, new courses will be added to the platform each month thus expanding the program to include training on FTS Phase I and Phase II, FTS (continuation), Aviation Legislation i.a.w Part-66 M10, Aviation Legislation (continuation), Human Factors i.a.w Part-145 Initial, Safety Management Systems, IR Part-145 and IR Part-M areas by the end of the year.


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