For Those Opting for the Alaskan Adventure

For pilots who want to combine summer vacations and flying adventures in true wilderness, they will find it productive to spend a few minutes exploring It is an airport community built around a 1,700’ grass strip, designated 9AK7, next to Big Beaver Lake. There are three lots left for sale and the Airpark neighborhood will be complete.

Located about 15 miles west of Wasilla and 40 miles north of Anchorage, Cubdivision is situated well for wheel, float and straight ski operations. Created by Airforms President, Lee Budde, who lives on the runway, the lots are one to two acres in size.

“We’ve been very successful in attracting happy people who love the sounds of airplanes,” said Budde. “There’s really nothing else quite like it in this part of Alaska. It’s a great place for a summer base with a hangar/apartment or a year round place to enjoy life with your aircraft. The views are fabulous, the winds are calm, and the fishing’s great.”

For more information on Cubdivision, visit the website or call Lee Budde at 907-232-4879.

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