Global Aerospace Launches Aircraft Breakdown Assistance Program for Light Aircraft

Global Aerospace launched a new Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program available to its U.S. light aircraft policyholders at no additional cost. Savvy Aviation, a professional maintenance management, consulting and breakdown assistance company for owner-flown general aviation airplanes, supports the program for Global Aerospace.

The Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program provides Global policyholders with 24/7 access to a dedicated toll-free assistance hotline and experienced Savvy Airframe and Powerplant and Inspection Authorization (A&P/IA) technicians. Savvy technicians will troubleshoot mechanical problems and help owners determine whether an aircraft is safe to fly home. If repairs are needed, they will help find a local, trustworthy maintenance provider and work with them to get pilots safely, and quickly, back in the air.

“As a worldwide industry leader, Global Aerospace is proud to join with Savvy Aviation to bring this exciting product to the light aircraft community,” Rick Underwood, senior vice president and Aeroinsure manager at Global Aerospace said. “For the very first time, light aircraft owners can link their insurance protection with the peace of mind of breakdown assistance. This combination adds tremendous value, at no additional cost, for our light aircraft policyholders.”

Mike Busch, founder and CEO at Savvy Aviation adds, “Savvy’s extraordinary team of veteran A&P/IAs have been coming to the rescue of stranded GA owner-pilots for decades, and we pretty much have it down to a science. Our unique ‘owner first, airplane second’ approach gives priority to helping to solve the pilot’s immediate predicament — usually getting home or continuing a travel itinerary with minimum delay — rather than fixating solely on repairing the airplane as most mechanics do. We genuinely enjoy helping pilots in distress, and find their gratitude heartwarming. We’re thrilled to be able to extend this valuable service to Global Aerospace policyholders.”


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