GlobalAir Scholarship Deadline Approaching

The Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship is entering the final week of application submissions, which ends on August 14 2019. Students enrolled in an accredited College or University Aviation Program for the 2018-2019 school year are welcome to apply. Four students will be accepted into the program, which entails writing weekly blogs sharing their flight training or aviation class experiences while being awarded a scholarship of $250 twice a semester, equaling a total award of $1,000.

Addi Hemphill, Scholarship Curator for, explains, “The Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship is different than most scholarships in the sense that it’s geared towards aviation and has students keep a blog throughout their school year. As a previous recipient, creating a blog was a new experience for me that proved to be beneficial. In addition to financial assistance, this scholarship allows students to share their own unique stories and connect with others in the process. Thanks to this scholarship, I have continued learning, networking and hearing other’s experiences while getting to share my own. It opens doorways that before, I would not have known existed.” Hemphill is studying at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Houston, TX to become a professional pilot.

The application process for the program involves a short essay detailing their career path, letter of recommendation, and proof of enrollment. Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on these qualifications and they will be notified of winning by mid-August when many go back to school and their blogs officially begin. The Scholarship Team is welcoming any qualified and passionate aviation student to apply before August 14 to be considered for the opportunity.

For more info and how to apply, click here.

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