Gulfstream Published International Events Schedule for 2017

Gulfstream has published its schedule of 2017 events that began with a pilots forum on January 18 in Zurich, Switzerland. The 2017 schedule includes nine operator forums in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America; two Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings in Savannah, Georgia; and a virtual Operators Conference.

The company’s first-ever pilots forum, which was held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was designed specifically for Gulfstream flight crews. The event, which included presentations on advanced aircraft technology, polar operations, connectivity and the Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650ER, was an interactive collaboration session between pilots and Gulfstream personnel.

The other nine forums, focusing on maintenance and operations, will include fleet status, mandate and technology updates, maintenance management, technical training and pending technical bulletins. In addition, the company will review its fleet support services to ensure operators leverage all available offerings.

Gulfstream’s major regional and national supplier partners will participate in the operator forums, which will feature question-and-answer sessions with subject matter experts on-site and in Savannah. The latter is possible using a live feed from Gulfstream’s broadcast studio, Studio G.
The virtual Operators Conference in June will include presentations by Gulfstream subject matter experts based in Savannah. The three-day online conference, which debuted in 2015, will provide updates on model-specific programs, regulatory mandates, select aircraft systems and critical inspections to pilots, technicians, flight attendants and other flight operations personnel worldwide.

The CAB, a professional forum for approximately 100 Gulfstream operators, meets twice yearly to provide Gulfstream with feedback about its aircraft and support services.

Operators Forums:

• March 14 San Jose, California
• April 12 Shanghai
• April 13 Teterboro, New Jersey
• May 9 Dallas
• May 23 Geneva
• Aug. 16 São Paulo
• Sept. 14 London
• Oct. 11 Las Vegas
• Nov. 7 White Plains, New York

Customer Advisory Board Meetings:
• Feb. 27-March 1 Savannah, Georgia
• Aug. 28-30 Savannah, Georgia

Virtual Operators Conference:

• June 26-30 Savannah, Georgia

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