Gulfstream’s 200TH G280 Entered Service

Gulfstream’s 200TH G280 Entered Service

The 200th super-midsize Gulfstream G280 business jet has entered service. “This is a tremendous milestone in the history of Gulfstream,” Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream says. “Every Gulfstream model is distinctive and unique in its own way, and the G280 is no different. As when it entered the marketplace in 2012, the G280’s combination of superior performance, comfort, safety and efficiency puts it atop the mid-cabin class.”

As of April 2020, the company says the in-service G280 fleet had accrued nearly 236,100 flight hours and completed more than 145,000 landings. The aircraft has a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) dispatch reliability rate of 99.81 percent.

The G280 rolled out in 2009, was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in 2012 and entered service that same year. It was certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in early 2013.

As with all Gulfstream aircraft, the G280 was designed with input from Gulfstream customers who participate in the company’s Customer Advisory Board. Based on their feedback, the G280 was designed and built with a new wing, tail, engine and interior. It also features the Gulfstream PlaneView280TM flight deck with Future Air Navigation System 1/A+ capability. It is certified for steep-approach operations and touchdown and rollout using Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS).

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