Hartzell Engine Technologies’ Plane-Power “FlySafe” FS Series Alternators Available for Immediate Delivery

Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) announced that the popular Plane-Power FS Series (FS1-14/FS1-14B), lightweight alternators are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

“We are very happy to again be able to deliver this proven and extremely popular FlySafe FS Series alternator to the experimental aircraft market,” Keith Bagley, president, Hartzell Engine Technologies said. “So many builders today are installing full-digital avionics suites including autopilots, so they need a reliable source of backup electrical power. The FS1-14 is the solution they want.”

“Its lightweight (6.0 pounds), compact size and flexible installation, on either Continental or Lycoming engines, makes it the ideal alternator solution for a wide variety of kit-built aircraft,” he said. “Another feature that customers like is, depending on the builder’s needs and aircraft configuration, the FS1-14B alternator can be used as the aircraft’s primary power source.”

About the FS Series alternator:

  • Power rating for the FS1-14B: 14.2 volts
  • Power rating for FS1-14: 13.6 volts
  • 30 amps continuous power output at actual Continental or Lycoming engine cruise power settings
  • Internal regulators and over-voltage protection
  • Simple installation on any AND 20000 pad (vacuum pad) on Continental and Lycoming engines.

For more information about the Plane-Power FS Series alternators visit: https://planepower.aero/product/experimental-aircraft-alternator-kits/

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