IFS Helps Marshall Scale its Defense Business

IFS Helps Marshall Scale its Defense Business

To ensure visibility and control over mission-critical business processes such as manu-facturing and MRO, defense manufacturer and service provider Marshall Aerospace en-listed IFS for a comprehensive enterprise applications platform.

UK-headquartered Marshall is a leading provider of managed services, integrations, and technologies for the global aerospace and defense (A&D) sector. Having embarked on a group-wide initiative to increase agility, competitiveness, and profitability, the company needed an enterprise applications suite that could scale with its manufacturing line of busi-ness and at the same time eliminate information silos and process inconsistencies across its divisions and sites.

Following a competitive bid process, Marshall selected IFS Applications 10. It offered the needed support for its complex project and composite manufacturing business, together with an MRO solution for heavy maintenance for its Hercules C-130 and other aerospace and defense customers.

By standardizing processes with IFS, Marshall is able to monitor and analyze all business data from a centralized location while benefitting from a modern platform for support activi-ties. The IFS solution is used throughout the value chain, from first contact with customers to estimating, planning, project management, production, shipping, MRO and in-service support activities. The company also leverages the IFS platform to manage all suppliers and contractors and to address complex trade control requirements of the international defense industry.

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