IKHANA Nabs Twin Otter 14,000 lbs. MTOW Upgrade

IKHANA Aircraft Services (IKHANA) has been awarded a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) STC for their RWMI DHC-6-300HGTM Standard Commuter Category Increased MTOW to 14,000lbs. “The FAA’s certification of our RWMI DHC-6-300HGTM upgrade adds significant capabilities for operators to expand their mission role, optimize payload and range, add value to their aircraft, and increase revenues.” states John A. Zublin, president and CEO of IKHANA. He adds, “this takes the aircraft well beyond its original capability.

The Standard Commuter Category STC addresses a typical Twin Otter operator’s need for as much payload as possible. A Twin Otter can now take 19 passengers with two crew and fly 450-500 Nautical miles. Big picture, it offers increased utility with a rapid return on investment. This has been a long term and intensive engineering effort for IKHANA and we are pleased that this long-awaited enhancement is now approved and available on the market.”

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