Jamco Soft Divider Helps Balance Seat Density with Health Concerns

Jamco America, an interior products suppliers and turnkey aircraft interiors integrator, announced their new leather-wrapped Jamco Soft Divider, a soft eyebrow-type hanging divider with a simple and elegant design that enables maximum seat density and greater division between cabin classes. The new Jamco Soft Divider is designed for narrow-body single aisle aircraft.

“The new Jamco Soft Divider has an increased surface area from the previous hanging divider to allow additional separation from the rear passengers and the forward passengers,” said Kristi Dutson, director of Sales and Program Management at Jamco America. “As a result, the spread of germs between cabin classes is reduced, increasing passenger safety.”

The divider creates a physical separation between aircraft business and economy classes, the Jamco Soft Divider allows for additional legroom or in some cases an additional row of seats, depending upon aircraft configuration. Jamco says it has an easy installation process and seamless integration with existing header provisions certified for current Boeing 737 divider systems and is scheduled to be certified for the Airbus A321 later this year.

Unlike typical semi-transparent Lexan dividers or curtain dividers, the Jamco Soft Divider design provides a lightweight flexible divider that offers complete separation of zones. It bends sufficiently such that it will not restrict a reclining seat, with minimal encroachment into the space of other passengers. Upon request, the Jamco Soft Divider can be formed to follow the contour of the seat back in the reclined position.

The leather-wrapped divider features a simple design that could also offer branding opportunities, including the use of color and embossed logos. The Jamco Soft Divider is currently flying on the 737 and offers a great solution to airlines to enhance branding and aesthetics while maximizing the usage of space within the cabin.

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