Jet-Care launch Gas Path Analysis Video

JetCare Bleed Air Pipe Fracture_90Jet-Care has launched a video highlighting the benefits of their Gas Path Analysis (GPA) program. The new video shows how the Jet-Care GPA service targets the detection of engine core deterioration and associated faults by monitoring and trending engine data, therefore enabling clients to monitor the health of their aircraft engines efficiently and effectively.

“We believe that the video will enable aircraft owners and operators to fully understand the value and sensitivity of the Jet-Care GPA engine trend service”, said Alan Baker, Sales & Marketing Manager, Spectro | Jet-Care.  “As well as the importance of identifying engine problems early; a key factor in preventing flight disruption and escalating operational costs”.

With the use of 3D animation the video highlights four areas where GPA can detect problems:

  • A reduction in compressor efficiency in the engine core due to contamination or erosion
  • Holes in casings, damaged gaskets, ruptured pipes and faulty valves caused by air bleed leaks
  • Turbine efficiency losses due to issues such as blade erosion and blade creep
  • Damaged temperature harnesses and probes leading to inaccurate power settings and secondary damage in the turbines.


The video is also translated in Spanish and Portuguese in order to target prospective customers in the Latin American market.

From the introduction of its first engine trend program in 1979 the Jet-Care GPA service has set the benchmark for engine trend monitoring and continues, to this day, to demonstrate the highest quality service and proven customer service excellence.

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