Kaman Measuring Highlights New Product Innovation at Sensors Expo and Conference 2019

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. will highlight new product innovations and a range of inductive eddy current technology at Sensors Expo and Conference, which will be held June 25-27, 2019 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, Booth #1223. Stop by to see the new Bluetooth Low Energy System and experience the benefits for yourself. Kaman says their experts are looking forward to discussing sensing solutions with attendees.
The Kaman Innovation Center will feature three new product developments coming soon from Kaman Precision Products.
• The new KD-5100+ is a high reliability sensor system for Fast Steering Mirror Control. Ideal applications include Laser Communications, Satellites and Ground Stations, Directed Energy: Ground, Shipboard, and Airborne, as well as Image Stabilization Systems.
• An evaluation board showing the KD-5400 Mil+ will be on hand to review. This high resolution hybrid for deep space applications features a powerful digital system engineered for the harshest environments.
• The newest development is a high resolution displacement sensor for magnetic targets. Three versions will be on hand for review.
In addition to the Innovation center, Kaman will also be exhibiting featured technology such as the digiVIT and the KD-5400.
The digiVIT on display features a self-tuning bridge that can work with nearly any sensor and any conductive target. The transducer also features simple pushbutton calibration, temperature compensation, and zeroing. Its embedded intelligence ensures that all functions are accessible, with no need to connect to a PC to download a configuration file when changing sensors or performing high level calibrations.
Kaman’s KD-5400 is designed to provide a digital interface for high speed eddy current measurement systems, with resolution in the micro-inch range, at bandwidths as high as 60 kHz. Kaman’s custom sensors, signal processing, analog to digital converter, and custom calibration system are used to deliver each high precision KD-5400 sensor system. Available in different configurations to tailor the measurement system to the application, each system is calibrated to the application to provide optimum performance and system validation.
Kaman will also be exhibiting numerous sensors and sensor systems based on our core technology. On display will be a variety of general purpose systems like the KD-2446, KD-2306, and KDM-8206, as well as high-performance sensors better suited for particular applications, such as the SMT-9700, a high resolution OEM analog unit available in 1, 2, or 3 channel configurations. Also to be displayed are Extreme Environment sensors for high pressure, low temperature, and high temperature applications.

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