Light Strong 5G-Compatible Getac B360 Notebook Introduced

Getac Technology Corporation debuted the new B360 fully rugged notebook showcasing full ruggedization and ultra-power portable computing can co-exist in the same form factor. Featuring 10th Generation Intel Core Processor with maximum turbo frequencies up to 4.90Ghz and 12mb Intel Smart Caches, the B360 is also the first fully rugged laptop to be engineered for 5G in today’s marketplace, enabling enterprise mobility buyers to meet all levels of performance without sacrificing MIL-STD-810H compliance, the company says.

“Compromises between raw computing power and rough handling resistance may have been true in the past,” says Mike McMahon, Getac president. “We can all remember when unsophisticated anti-glare screens used on rugged laptops rendered the screens unacceptably dark for use indoors. Then there were the compromises in CPU power, RAM quantity, and mechanical hard drives required by the use of cooling fan-free cases capable of resisting incursions by water, spills and dirt.”

“Those days are over,” McMahon continues, “but prior to the B360, nobody had put the whole package – 10th Generation Intel Core Processor,  a design that is engineered for 5G, unsurpassed screen brightness and resolution, massive amounts of RAM and SSD storage space, shock resistance, IP66 total dust ingress and high-speed water spray from any direction rejection, proprietary salt water spray protection; extreme temperature and myriad input, output and custom data ports together to create a fully rugged notebook with virtually unlimited versatility.”

The “no-compromise” design and manufacturing philosophy employed in every phase of the B360’s development meets the challenges found in the hostile environments in enterprise vertical industries, such as field service and uilities, and manufacturing. It compliments Getac’s historically strong position in providing rugged computing solutions in the military and public safety markets.

McMahon cited the B360’s salt-spray and fog-resistance option, multi-configuration LumiBond 2.0 screen technology, and Multifactor Identification Authentication as specific examples of the B360’s technological leadership.

The B360’s 13.3” IPS FHD LumiBond 2.0 screen uses a clear resin to optically bond the Tempered Glass, capacitive touch sensor, LCD into a single unit for improved readability and durability. Powered by super-bright LEDS, it offers a maximum brightness of 1400 nits at 1920×1080 pixel resolution and Getac’s proprietary sunlight-readability and anti-glare solution. It has also been rigorously tested to accept input from industrial weight gloves.

Adding to the B360’s graphics prowess, an optional power-efficient NVIDIA GeForce 10 series GTX portable computing graphics engine combines world class NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, ultra-fast FinFET and DirectX 12 support to deliver awesome map and cable routing schematics, perfectly rendered color images and a high-speed, smoothly flowing user experience.

The B360 also meets the requirements for FirstNet Ready and the Verizon Responder Private Core for connection to dedicated US public safety networks straight out of the box.

For field workers in those parts of the country where stormy weather seems to outnumber sunny days, the B360’s Touch/Rain Mode automatically turns the touchscreen sensitivity down to reject rain and large areas with low electric charge (water rejection.) The combined settings allow the screen to be used under rain and when moist.

The B360 is available in two distinct models at launch: The B360,  suited to the public safety, manufacturing, and utilities sectors, and the B360 Pro, for the defense sector. The B360 Pro includes all the core technology specifications of the B360, along with a number of additional features and build options that are vital for military personnel. High-capacity hot-swappable batteries deliver even more operating time between charges.

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