Lorin Announces Distinct Advantages of Coil Anodized Aluminum for Transportation Applications

Lorin Industries produces coil anodized aluminum for transportation applications. Lorin says its coil anodized aluminum offers significant benefits of increased strength and durability at a lower weight and cost than competing materials. The cost-effective coil anodizing process, pioneered by Lorin, protects the aluminum while also improving the aesthetic properties and durability.
Anodized aluminum is easy to handle and has a high strength to weight ratio, leading to cost savings in multiple ways. It weighs as little as a third of the weight of other natural metals or stainless steel. Anodized aluminum is available in an infinite range of colors and finishes, and compared with the coated or painted metals often used in transportation applications, anodized aluminum has a true metallic feel vs. a plastic feel like you get with paint. Lorin anodized aluminum delivers a three-dimensional crystalline structure enhancing the natural metallic look. It is dent, scratch, and crack resistant and does not peel, flake or chip.

Lorin also makes functional products for the transportation industry. With the need for light-weighting to save on fuel consumption, honeycomb panels are used for floors and walls of rail cars and aircraft. AnoGrip from Lorin is an adhesion promoting surface on both sides of the aluminum written into many of the specifications for producers of these panels because of its effectiveness in preventing de-lamination. It has also been used by several automotive manufacturers for the backer for dashboards and rail engine manufacturers for control panels. For those who want an adhesive promoting surface on one side, but the beautiful anodized surface on the top side, Lorin has a patented the Adhere process.

Anodized aluminum can be used for a wide range of functional and aesthetic transportation applications, including: automotive emblems; wheel covers; light bezels, reflectors for headlights, CHMSL and dome lights; ID/VIN plates; roof rails; and interior trim. It is also ideal for floor and wall panels, as well as a range of aesthetic parts, in railcars and airplanes.

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