LOT Polish Airlines Passengers Asked to Pay for Part to Speed up Repair

A hydraulic pump broke on a LOT Polish Airlines flight out of Beijing last week. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But, the aircraft was delayed for hours awaiting payment for the part. Eventually, an airline employee, in an attempt to speed up the process, canvassed the passengers for help with the payment. When the worker asked for cash for the repair, several passengers pooled the $360 (2,500 Chinese yuan) needed to get it done, according to reports.

The crew noticed a problem on the post-flight walk-around after arriving in Beijing. Maintenance was called and a part was ordered. The airline maintains there was a request for a cash payment from the part supplier despite “a cashless” payment plan according to a LOT spokesman.

The airline reimbursed the passengers when the plane landed in Warsaw. In addition to the repayment of the cash, the four passengers were given free tickets.

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