Maverick Eye Protection Created for Kleenguard Brand

Workers need protection, but they also care about how they look. Maverick Eye Protection, the first eyewear created for the KleenGuard Brand, delivers protection without compromising style or comfort, the company says.

Maverick Eye Protection was an award winner in the “Best in Show” New Product Showcase at the 2018 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo. Maverick Eye Protection is designed with human-centric engineering that enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety.

Features include:

  • Anti-glare coating to reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Premium anti-fog and anti-scratch performance
  • Comfort touch points to prevent slippage and reduce pressure

“It’s PPE that workers will want to wear,” the company says.

Recyclable via The RightCycle Program

Maverick Eye Protection can be diverted from landfills through The RightCycle Program, the first large-scale recycling program for non-hazardous lab, cleanroom and industrial waste. The RightCycle Program turns used apparel, gloves and protective eyewear into new consumer goods.

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