Mirandy Products Acquired by South Florida Company

Mirandy Products, LLC has been acquired by a south Florida company. Founded in 1976, Mirandy is a supplier of niche, performance chemicals used in the aviation, industrial, institutional, and janitorial industries.

Among Mirandy’s well-known products are its Boeing and AMS specification-tested and approved aircraft lavatory anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, and fragrant fluids, as well as Mirandy’s line of runway de-reubberizers, and degreasers. In addition to the comprehensive line of the aviation product, Mirandy also carries industrial products including drain openers, deodorizers, disinfectants, and corrosion solvents.

Mirandy’s customers include, but are not limited to, airlines, aircraft OEMs, airports, FBOs, hotels, hospitals, and transport authorities. Mirandy develops tailored specialty chemical solutions for individual customer needs.

Lindsey Mendelson, president of Lanim Company, LLC, has taken over as president of Mirandy. Mendelson has a background in marketing, sales, and management. She plans to launch new products to add to Mirandy’s line of aviation, industrial and institutional, and janitorial products.

Mirandy will continue to operate in its current warehouse and office space located in South Hempstead. There will be no staff turnover from Mirandy’s team members, many of whom have been with Mirandy for 30 years.

“From the moment I learned about Mirandy and met the outstanding team, I knew this company was the right fit for myself and Lanim,” says Mendelson. “Mirandy is an innovative company with unique product offerings.” Mendelson plans to open an office in South Florida in order to expand operations there.

In business for 46 years, Mirandy Products is a leading supplier of niche, performance chemicals for aviation, industrial, institutional, and janitorial applications. Among some of Mirandy’s most popular products are Mirabowl QC, Dissolv Liquid Plus, and Enzymatic. Mirandy’s customers include major US and non-US Airlines, private aircraft operators, FBOs, hospitals, hotels, and transport authorities. Mirandy is qualified as a woman-owned, small, disadvantaged business.

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