More Than 60 Companies Attended AMOS Customer Conference 2011

The fifth AMOS Customer Conference took place at the beginning of October 2011. More than 100 AMOS community members from over 60 companies accepted the invitation and spent two days with Swiss-AS in Interlaken, Switzerland. The high attendance reflects the rapid growth of the AMOS customer community over the last years: The customer conferences in 1999 and 2006 were joined by only 19 and 39 AMOS users, respectively.

The main driving force for organizing the event was to offer the AMOS customers a platform to share information and learn from the experiences of their peers. At the same time, the Customer Conference allowed Swiss-AS to outline the company’s long-term strategy including an update of the functional and technological roadmap while also referring to concepts and strategies of how customers can safeguard their software investment on a long-term basis.

“We always welcome any suggestions and comments from our customers, so this event was an excellent opportunity to draw on valuable feedback from the AMOS users,” says Fabiano Faccoli, VP Customer Services at Swiss-AS.

The first day gave the AMOS community many networking opportunities and ended with dinner in historical surroundings. The second day comprised of several workshops covering topics such as OEM Document Library, paperless maintenance and AMOS interfacing capabilities.

“The Customer Conference was a most useful and enjoyable event. It was great to be able to meet so many other AMOS customers and Swiss-AS staff members and exchange ideas and views,” says Séamus O’Connor, head of Technical Systems at Aer Lingus. “We were also delighted to see some of the new developments in AMOS and learn from customers that had implemented them.”

“As we are currently going through the initial implementation, it was extremely valuable to meet other customers and to hear of their experiences and suggestions in how best to gain the most from the investment. We were impressed at the number of companies in attendance and re-affirmed that AMOS is of key importance to these organizations,” states Paul King, VP/CIO at CHC Helicopter.

“The AMOS user day was a great opportunity for SWISS-AS’ customers to share ideas about the solution’s benefits, exchange experience, observations and suggestions. It also gave us the chance to receive an outlook of the forthcoming new features and to see the company’s recent achievements and growth, while supporting our belief that having chosen AMOS respectively Swiss-AS means that we have invested in a proven application and a solid business partner,” summarises Pierluigi Calù, project manager at Alitalia.


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