mPale (Antimicrobial Coating) and mPerial (Disinfectant) Are Now Available from Boeing

Boeing announced that mPact Environmental Solutions mPale antimicrobial coating and mPerial disinfectant are now available for purchase from Boeing. They say these antimicrobial products offer an extra layer of protection in providing a clean and safe travel experience.

How do antimicrobial products work?

mPale is an exclusive antimicrobial agent that controls mold and bacteria without using a poison, instead controlling such microbes by puncturing cell walls on a microscopic level. mPale’s spiked molecular structure is imperceptible to human touch but is highly effective against virtually all viral, bacterial and fungal infestations.

  1. Clean the surface that is to be treated. mPerial is a cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer and is registered with the EPA as a virucide and fungicide. mPerial may be used in food preparation areas and many other areas, and is specifically formulated for compatibility with mPale antimicrobial coating.
  2. Apply the antimicrobial coating. Unlike chemical poisons, mPale, once it is sprayed and bonds to the surface, retains effectiveness for 30 days. mPale is colorless, odorless, and can be applied to wood or steel, sheet-rock, carpets, upholstery, and painted surfaces in addition to plastic, leather and fiber. mPale is registered with the EPA.

Boeing says these antimicrobial coatings can give peace of mind knowing that germs and viruses that land on treated cabin surfaces won’t survive for long.

mPale and mPerial are referenced in the Boeing Multi-Operator Message (MOM) of October 05, 2020.

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