Nordam to Build F/A-18 Hornet Flaps for Boeing

Nordam will manufacture spare F/A‐18 A‐D Hornet leading‐edge flaps under a new five‐year strategic agreement with Boeing through June 2022. The flaps alter the aerodynamic profile of the fighter aircraft’s wing leading edge for increased or decreased lift, as well as for enhanced maneuverability while in flight.

It is the Tulsa‐based firm’s first F/A‐18 manufacturing program as a spares supplier to Boeing in support of the
U.S. Navy, marking Nordam’s entry into this competitive market while complementing the company’s
current U.S. Navy repair and overhaul service work.

“As a global leader in component manufacturing for commercial and business aircraft, Nordam is well qualified to deliver the predictive performance this program requires,” said CEO Meredith Seigfried Madden.

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