OGMA to Modify Portuguese Air Force C-130s

OGMA has been announced the prime Contractor in the Avionics Modification Program involving four Portuguese Air Force (PoAF) C-130 aircraft, which will consist of a nearly full replacement of the aircraft communication, navigation and flight control systems and instruments.

Such modification will upgrade PoAF C-130 aircraft to the latest CNS/ATM requirements (communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management). This program will be developed over two years, with the first aircraft starting modification work in 2019.

OGMA will carry out the integration of all aircraft systems, manufacture the structural components and wire harnesses necessary for equipment installation, design the aircraft change and provide for project certification against the National Military Aviation Authority requirements and for project qualification according to POAF operational and logistic requirements.

OGMA will also be responsible for updating the aircraft operating and maintenance technical data, providing operational training to flight crews and maintenance training to PoAF technicians.

OGMA provides maintenance services to C-130 aircraft for several Air Forces around the world, namely in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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